4 Feng Shui tips for Blessing Land before you build

Feng Shui is the ancient art of balancing energy within and around structures to support all its occupants. Blessing the land and setting your intentions before a new structure is built can be very powerful and heartfelt.  An important element to Feng Shui is clearing spaces of old stagnant energy so that new fresh positive energy can flow freely.

Land Blessings can clear the land of  past energies and set intentions for new beginnings moving forward.

Here are a few steps to consider when Blessing Land:

  1. Cleanse the Land with Sage – Release old energy that may be lingering in the area in which you intend to build.  Depending on the lands history there could be energies of the past that have left their imprint.
  2. Giving Thanks to Mother Earth –  Gratitude comes to mind for all the things the earth provides including the land in which our homes grace this planet.  Take a moment to share your gratitude and give an offering to the land as a way of thanking it for all its support.
  3. Setting the intention – Going forward consider how you want your new structure to support you.   Maybe you would like a peaceful, comforting, supportive, and loving environment in which beautiful new memories and gatherings with fill the space with love for all.   How do you want your new space to feel write it down on a piece of paper and bury it in the soil or say it aloud for all to hear and affirm.
  4. Share in the experience – Make it fun and bring together all whom will be living and enjoying the future space.  Intentions can be very powerful shared.   Share in a toast to the future and so be it.

May love and positive energy fill your homes and hearts.

Elizabeth Denton

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