declutter for energy

De Clutter your home and Energize your space.

declutter for energy


De Clutter for more Energy

Feng Shui is the Art of balancing the energy within the structures we reside in, and one of the most basic principles is de-cluttering. Has your energy ever felt zapped when surrounded by clutter? Based on Feng Shui principles there are different areas of our homes and businesses that correlate to different areas in our lives, and clutter can block the flow of energy throughout a space.

Subconsciously everything we surround ourselves with can affect us and getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose or need in our lives will not only free the flow of energy within a structure, but it can also have profound effects on how we feel within a space.

The first step

Pay special attention to the areas of your home you spend the most time in and start there.  Scan the whole room and take mental note of any clutter that needs dealt with including objects.  Clutter takes many forms and it could be that there are just too many objects for the space.  If it’s an office and paper is the issue find ways of organizing that works easily for you or consider going paperless and file everything digitally. Objects and furniture may be the culprits of clutter, if so think about what you actually use, need, and love.

Take it one step at a time 

If you have a room that needs a lot of attention break it down into smaller projects and before you know it the whole room will be complete.

Extra Help

If you need a helping hand ask the support of a friend, sometimes just having company can give the project momentum.  Professional organizers can also be a wonderful resource for de-cluttering and organizing.   Whatever approach works best for you just remember it’s not a race and even the smallest little steps will get you where you want eventually.   Just notice the shifts of energy along the way and have that be the inspiration that keeps you on your path to finishing that next small project.

Feel the Shift

A room can feel brighter and the energy can flow easier when a space is clutter free.  Clearing out clutter and repairing things around a home or business is what I call energetic maintenance.  Making it a regular habit of going through rooms and only keeping things you actually need, use, and love can shift energy and feel amazing!

Elizabeth Denton


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