Feng Shui for Pets

Feng Shui for Pets

Feng Shui for Pets

Pets can be the cornerstone of our lives—they love us unconditionally, soak up our every emotion, and are the final link that completes our family tree. With the gravity of their impact on our lives, our fuzzy friends should veritably be considered when it comes to the Feng Shui of a home or office space.

There are many facets to Feng Shui, and in reworking the energy of our home, we balance natural dynamism, elevate our space, and align all inhabitants in their best directions. Animals, in particular, exude a natural, child-like and loving energy that effortlessly lifts the vitality of the space they occupy. They bring us benefits to our own personal health, relieving stress and nudging us to be more active and live an increasingly balanced lifestyle. When harmonizing our homes with Feng Shui, it’s important to consider all occupants—even our fuzzy little creatures.

Comfort and Safety

Are your animals comfortable and protected from harm in your home? Coming from a household that accommodates both a dog and a cat, a learned area that deserves attention is the ability of each animal to have a safe refuge for a timeout or time away from another animal or child. Remember to give extra consideration to areas around your home or office that you spend the most time in—have cozy alcoves in those particular areas for your pet to feel safe and relaxed while next to you.

Natural cleaning products are essential to maintaining proper Feng Shui and are a health-promoting alternative for the well-being of everyone in the home—especially our little ones and fur babes. Family pets, along with children, have a closer connection to the ground, and any toxic chemicals that seep into our floors are easily exposed to their sensitive systems. Enlist in natural products and steam-cleaning devices to foster a safer environment.


Plants are a vital element to the Feng Shui of your home. They can raise a low ceiling, nurture your relationship to the outside world, and most importantly, create a rhythmic cycle of oxygen, producing live energy and filtering the air in your home. It’s important, however, to consider animal-safe plants that are non-toxic or have questionable greenery placed in spaces that are out of reach.

Your Pets Personal Trigram

In Classical Fen Shui, a person’s birthday is calculated to find the individual’s personal trigram and natural elements. The same can be done with your pet’s birthday to find their optimal directions for sleeping and eating. If your pet is, for example, an Earth Element, shades of brown or yellow would be supportive colors for your pet’s bed, leashes, and harnesses.

Elevating the Energy

Pets are natural energy boosters and can likewise ground negative energy. Having an animal in the home can calm, ground, and foster harmony of a space—but the needs of the animal have to be met in order for this to happen. Just like our pet needs adequate nutrition, daily exercise, and restful sleep, having a space that caters to them living a fulfilled life is necessary for the complete balance of our homes.

Feng Shui is the caring and feeding of a home and its occupants on an energy-based level. Finding the perfect balance is an individualized endeavor to every home, and has to include everyone residing in the space—including our most precious pets.

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