Frequently Ask Questions

Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the Art and Science of Balancing the natural elements and energy “Chi” within a space.

What is Chi?

“Chi” is the energy that encompasses everything.  Using Feng Shui principles we can increase the natural flow of positive Chi within a structure.


Is Classical Feng Shui Based on a form of Religion?

Feng Shui is not based on Religion but is rather an Art and Science. 

How long has Feng Shui been around?

Feng Shui was developed over 4,000 years ago in China.

I am building a new home, can I create the perfect Feng Shui home?

When building a home from the ground up there are definite advantages in applying as many Feng Shui principles to help everyone living in the home to be as supportive as possible.  Considering the numerous variables when working with the land site and layout of the home we can absolutely come up with the best possible outcome for all involved.

Since moving into my new home it just doesn't feel right, can feng shui help?

Feng Shui along with space clearing can make a huge impact on how a house feels.  Energy from the previous occupants could still be in the structure causing it to feel not quite like home.  All structures have an energetic feeling about them and with Feng Shui you can align that to support you and your intentions.

I heard Feng Shui can help me attract a Relationship is that true?

There are areas of the home that are connected to Love and Relationships along with practical feng shui remedies in attracting love.

Will Feng Shui remedies work if my house is Cluttered or in dis-repair?

Clearing clutter and fixing broken items around the home is important in Feng Shui and can prevent the natural flow of Chi within a space.   It is suggested that clutter and repairs first be attended too before applying the elemental remedies for them to work effectively.

Space Clearing

What is space clearing?

Space Clearing removes old, stuck, negative energy from a structure and clears the space for positive energy and intention

How often should I get a space clearing?

It depends on the space and what is going on in the lives of the occupants.  A space clearing can be useful to clear a space of any foreign energy that may have built up over time or was left behind by past occupants or visitors.  The best indicator would be how you feel in the space.